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Shopping cart bags - Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Would it not be ideal to find ways to help our environment against encroaching pollution and contamination and in doing so make our everyday life better? We think we have found one such product that will accomplish this purpose -- our shopping cart bags.

About three years ago we brought back an Easy Shopper Bag from Germany, which we have been using for all our grocery shopping. People ask us continuously where we can purchase such a bag. That gave us the idea for our business.

Our shopping cart bags help reduce the amount of pollution by replacing the plastic bags currently part of our shopping experience, which also represent an important source of every day pollution. According to EPA estimates, the US throws away a total of 100 billion plastic bags a year, with only about 2 % being recycled. Our Easy shopper bags not only contribute to a better environment, but also make shopping easier, from the shelf to your vehicle. As more communities ban and/or tax the consumer in the use of plastic bags, the easy shopper bags will become a convenient necessity. Our commitment is to be a part of this movement, anticipating future legislative moves and providing the consumer with a convenient shopping experience and make a difference.